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Purchasing Details

Beer Ears Ranch Whole Beef hanging weights are approximately 600 Ibs. This weight does varies between each animal.


Half beef hanging weights are roughly 300 lbs.

Once your beef is dry aged and processed the final take home weight of your beef will be approximately 55-65% of the total hanging weight.

Freezer space for a whole beef will fill a standard 22 cubic foot freezer.


1 whole beef HW = 600 lbs.

Take home beef weight after processing is approximately 360 lbs. depending on your cut selection, bone in or bone out, organ meat or not)

Payment Methods

We accept Credit Card, Check and Cash as payment options.


A non-refundable deposit is needed in advance to secure your order.


  • Whole Steer Beef:  $550

  • 1/2 Steer Beef:  $400

  • 1/4 Steer Beef:  $325


  • Whole Steer Beef:  $6.50/pound on the hanging weight

  • 1/2 Steer Beef:  $6.75/pound on the hanging weight

  • 1/4 Steer Beef:  $7.00/pound on the hanging weight


Final payment to Bears Ears Ranch for the beef will be due when hanging weight is determined.

Example: 600lbs x $6.50 = $3,900 - $550 deposit= $3,350 due)


There is a slaughter fee of $100 for a whole steer and $50 for half steer orders and a $1.20/pound of the hanging beef weight to age, process and vacuum seal your specific cuts of beef.

Processing fees are due to Agp.

Processing in Craig when you pick up.
(example: 600 lbs x $1.20 lb +$100 = $820)

The best way to figure out your beef cuts is to do little research online then directly with butcher. APG guys do great job walking you through the process.


If smaller quantities of beef are what your looking for, please contact us and mention what your looking for and we will work on making those orders happen this summer.

All Inclusive Package

New this year is an all inclusive package: $8/pound on hanging weight


I will work directly with you on how to butcher your animal and I will pick your beef and deliver the beef to you. The customer will write only one check to Bears Ears Ranch, which include BER payment as well as butchers payment.

We appreciate your inquiry and business,

Bears Ears Ranch


Visit Our Ranch

I hope you’ll come visit the ranch someday soon. You’re welcome any time to meet the cattle and to see how things are done. Shoot me an email!

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